Which is Right for My Business – Anycast or Unicast?

In today’s online marketplace, global businesses must make sure their customers around the world can access their content, applications, and data whenever and wherever they need them. One of the best ways to provide 100% uptime and high performance is by integrating anycast routing into your infrastructure. This indepth article provides easy-to-understand examples and illustrations to help you decide if anycast routing is good fit for your business.

Anycast distributes incoming IPv6 traffic across multiple anycast nodes. With an IPv6 network, BGP anycast takes advantage of the larger address space to assign unique IPv6 addresses to each anycast node. When a client sends a request to the anycast IP address, BGP uses its routing table metrics to make sure the traffic is routed to the nearest node. By using anycast with IPv6, businesses get improved network performance, resilience, and load balancing for high demand services.

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