BGP Anycast Use Cases

Security Providers

Security providers including VPN, WAF, and SIEM, can leverage anycast to provide highly available solutions with fast, reliable end user experiences.

Recursive DNS

By using anycast to make their global DNS servers available from a single IP, providers can improve their end users’ internet browsing experience.

Authoritative DNS

With BGP anycast, recursive lookup requests made by end users will be resolved by the authoritative DNS server closest to them.

Disaster Recovery

If one of your locations is impacted by a power outage, fire, or other disaster, anycast can seamlessly reroute traffic to a backup site with no interruption.

Content Delivery Networks

Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers can use BGP anycast to easily route requests to the closest and lowest latency edge server.

Hybrid Infrastructure

If your infrastructure includes public, private, and/or on-prem resources, you can use an anycast networking layer to agnostically route requests.

Performance and HA

Does your business depend on high availability and low latency? Find out how anycast networking can deliver the best possible speed and uptime.

Overlay Networks

BGP anycast ensures low-latency connectivity both to (and within) an overlay network, providing end users the best performance possible.


An anycast platform can meet the needs of anycast-as-a-service providers who require a purpose-built, highly available network.


BGP anycast can be configured to work with both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to improve performance and reliability.