Anycast for Recursive DNS

At the network level, BGP anycast can offer unparalleled low latency performance. With anycast technology, you can distribute your content, data, and applications to as many PoPs (points of presence) as you want, and direct incoming traffic to the nearest one, utilizing the same IP for all instances. Anycast can be configured to work with virtually any online application.

Anycast also ensures high availability and uptime for your infrastructure. In the event that one PoP fails, anycast architecture enables network traffic to be automatically rerouted to the next closest available PoP. In addition to server outages and failures, anycast ensures your infrastructure is not impacted if you need to take a location offline for other reasons, including upgrades, maintenance, and blue-green deployments. Anycast can also leverage ECMP and other network-level handoffs to load balance large deployments in one location.

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