Anycast for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Many of today’s businesses are built on a hybrid cloud infrastructure. These increasingly complex infrastructures often include multiple providers (such as Amazon, Azure, or Google) to save on cost, improve performance, and increase productivity for both internal staff and external customers.

With anycast routing, businesses can ensure all users experience zero downtime and high performance when they access a hybrid infrastructure. When anycast is used in a deployment, users can all connect to the same IP address and be routed to the cloud location geographically closest to them for the lowest possible latency. Additionally, in the event of a failure with one location, users will be seamlessly rerouted to the next closest location.

Even the most complex hybrid cloud infrastructure – one that might include both colocated and virtual servers, as well as public clouds like AWS – can be accessed easily, quickly, and reliably with anycast. With anycast, businesses can use whatever platforms and providers work best for their bottom line, and then route users at the network level to the closest, fastest location.

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