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What is Anycast?

BGP anycast is a way to route network traffic that dramatically increases the speed and reliability of your network. With anycast routing, one IP address becomes reachable at multiple geographic locations. Incoming requests from end users are automatically fulfilled to the server nearest to them on the network. This makes adding a new locations or taking a server offline much simpler, as traffic automatically reroutes the next nearest available location.

Faster Connections

Anycast enables user requests to be directed to the location closest to them geographically, minimizing round-trip time (RTT), decreasing the number of hops, and reducing latency.

Improved Reliability

Anycast makes fully redundant servers available from one IP address. If one location is down for any reason, users are sent automatically to the next closest location.

Load Balancing

Anycast routes users to the location closest to them, effectively balancing the load among your servers, while improving speed and performance.

DDoS Mitigation

Anycast reduces the impact of DDoS attacks. If one location is taken offline, users are automatically rerouted to the next closest online server available at the same IP.

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