The rapidly growing internet of the late ’90s was filled with enthusiasm for its potential promise and possibilities. At the time, a company called Cobalt Network emerged as a key provider of easy to use web servers, right at the time businesses were quickly realizing they needed a web presence to be competitive. Cobalt Networks played a pivotal role in reshaping web hosting and making it more accessible and user-friendly. Their visionary approach, highlighted by NetActuate’s very own Mark Price, and his team at Serial Port, played a crucial role in establishing Linux as a dependable platform for web hosting at a professional level.  

“Cobalt helped establish Linux as a viable platform for serious web hosting and showed the world that easily deployable servers were the future.”   

In this intro video to a three-part series, discover how a small company challenged the status quo and revolutionized web server technology. Serial Port takes you on a historical journey and pays homage to the early days of the internet, when it seemed like anything was possible. They also find two neglected but salvageable servers, and take a peek inside.

Cobalt RaQ: This Web Server Changed the Internet